Sunday, May 23, 2010

Happy Birthday to Mom!

Today is my mom's Lunar Birthday! Happy Birthday to her~

We have a dinner in one of my favourite Japanese restaurant altogether. And before that, I went shopping with my eldest sister, Noel. We seldom shop together once she got married in 2006. That's great for gals^^

Wore a vtg silver-purple cardigan today. I love the details of it, golden edges plus big button with a rhinestone and bronze rose inside. Altogether, I had my vintage gold rhinestone bangle (It's originally a pair, I gave one for my cousin as a bridesmate gift :) and a white huge cluth bag with me. Simple but elegant~

A bit worry

Worry...Today I went to the hospital to visit my 79 yrs-old grand aunt, she is nice and lovely and we respect her a lot. Recently her heart has got some problems, and need to stay in the hospital for a while. But after visiting her just now, I felt at ease as she looked quite fine. Hope she will get well very soon!
Wore a simple black boy-sized blazer today, but with my lovely antique blue Rhinestone and faux Pearl telephone brooch, made of enamel on my collar, it made my total look so cute and so fun! Call me if you are free ! :P

Stone Wedding

My friend Stone weds today!

Her wedding helds in the Yacht Club, with the sea view and sunshine, so I wear one of my vintage floral dress tied with my vintage black leather belt, black blazer with my Chanel. This dress makes me feel relaxed and happy all day!

Congratulations to S. Hope you and yr hubby will be happy forever~

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Happy Mother's Day! (May 9)

Happy Mother's Day!

Today is Mother's Day! I wore a vtg blouse with my vtg Longchamp leather bag fr BJS's flea market. In celebrating with my beloved mom, we had a great breakfast together, and had a great lunch (Yum Cha) with my future mother-in-law in the afternoon! What a lovable day! :)
What did you prepare for yr mom?

A vtg & nice brooch is a must-have item in yr wardrode

For my engagement shoot taking in April, I picked up my little stunning and vintage beaded brooch from Patrizia Pepe which I bought years ago. And then I put it onto a beige hat, with a black netting sewing together, it becomes a stunning, vintage and elegant hatpiece which made my shoot perfect!
See? A vtg and nice brooch is always one of yr must-have items in your wardrode. Put it wherever u want such as on the collar, yr dress, yr bag and and etc.