Saturday, April 30, 2011

My Old Meteorite Ring

Gemstones are too adorable! However, have you ever heard about each gemstone has its function? For example, Rose Quartz which is in pink colour, will bring you luck in LOVE, while Topaz which is in gold colour, will bring you WEALTH :P I am not that superstitious...but that's nothing lose. When I worked as a part-time sales in a Gemstone shop 8 yrs ago, I bought this big Meteorite Ring at a unbeatable staff discount price. Honestly, I love its uniqueness....and the main point is, green colour gemstone will bring me luck in CAREER.

Isn't it a lovely accessory?!

I wore this vintage Cheetah print blouse. Truely comfy...
Belt is vintage

My new find of this lovely Fuchsia leather clutch...again, love its feature of the snake skin on top...I know recently I have been over obsessed with SNAKE skin...

Jeans from Topshop Big Sales last year in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Later shots were taken in Hong Kong's famous shopping area, Tsim Sha Tsui.
When you come to Hong Kong, you must go there crowd! 

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Will be ENDed next week XD

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Lovely Pleated Skirt

It's great when you have nothing to do, just hang out with yr best friend, with great sunshine and comfy outfit. What a wonderful day!

I love this vintage grey pleated skirt, which really made my day perfect! Recently, I have some comfy adorable pleated skirts in store, have time check them out XD

With my fav Corba Snake skin oversized clutch

With my fav vintage snake skin belt

Fuschia feather sandals from Nine West
Photograpgy by best friend Emma C. She is the most talented gal I have ever met.

Close up of the dress

Just put some more nicer ones in store. Check them!

Dun forget to enter my 1st GIVEAWAY, to win this pair of Snake skin earrings from H&M. Will be ENDed next week XD

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mrs Vintage's 1st GIVEAWAY!!

Never think of I can reach 100 followers XD (Of coz when comparing to those who have over thousands...I am just a little one, but I am too happy of that^^)

Thanks so much for all of yr supports! I discover dear bloggers like sending giveaways to their readers, just like a game, haha. I would like to do that too. My 1st giveaway will be this pair of Snake skin Round Golden earrings with diameter 6cm from H&M. Animal prints are again currently in trend. So I think you would love it! (At least I heart♥)

To enter, all you have to do is:

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3. Leave a comment below with your NAME and EMAIL address. Let me know you wanna join XD

~~~Very excited!~~~

Monday, April 25, 2011

Set Free this High Waist Jeans from Wardrobe

Recently, as my new wardrobe will be arrived this Thu, I tidied up my wardrode, I discovered this pair of high waist jeans from 10 yrs ago. Having a research, the high waistline style became fashionable and was essentially created to take the attention away from the natural waist in the period of 1795-1820. Would like to set them free from my wardrobe, this afternoon, I paired them with my thifted Navy Cardingan and vintage woven leather shoes♥

This navy cardingan was my new find recently, I love its golden trim line / Buttons plus lots of transparent outlines of "Bows" pattern
Wore this Bronze bangle from Mango long times ago

Vintage Woven leather shoes from Walter Steiger @thifted store long long times ago

Again, with me was this white leather clutch ♥

My fav drink - Iced YinYang
Have you ever heard of this or drunk this? Actually it's mixture of coffee + Milk Tea.
It's Super!♥


Sunday, April 24, 2011

I'm the Younger one!

My eldest sister, Noel stayed at my house for an hour this afternoon, and thank her so much to be my model to fit in some of my stunning dresses & tops which are selling in store. That's really great!♥

She looks lovely in dresses...

Looks cute in those tops!

Well. She is 3 yrs elder than me, but as comparing of our appearances + our normal dressing styles...opps...she looks like 3 yrs younger than me :( This sounds weird. When we hang out and meet some fds, usually they would be doubt and think I should be the eldest one...and therefore I always firstly clarify "I am the younger one!" haha. XD

Anyways, glad that I can be her younger sister, who had taken care me since we were very young!!
♥Love you!

When we were young...miss the moment!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Great Tops & Blouses

Love these vintage Tops / Blouses recently uploaded in my store.
Love the colours....pattern...styles....

Any one of them you like?...or nope?

Friday, April 22, 2011

Travel Round the World

I believe every all of us aim to have a chance to be able to travel round the world, huh?! So do I. My interests are Traveling, Traveling & also Traveling!!!

Love this vintage top...It's the graphic of European map. To pair it, I chose a vintage sheer white pleated skirt with lots of letter "P"...really comfy and relaxed! 

Love this European map top sooooo much...hope one day I can visit all these cities...
Love this 925 Silver bangle from Thailand long times ago & the vintage leather belt

Always can't miss any chances for my finds...

Love this vintage white leather clutch. It features a part of snake skin on top...originally I had put it in store...but now disactivated it...I can't let it go...

Such a comfy skirt!
Btw, it's now on Sale in my store.

Love this pair of feather sandals from Nine West

This Black Pearl ring is one of my wedding gifts from my aunt last November, it's super!
**Of coz LOVE my wedding ring on the right as well XD**

Btw, thanks my hubby of taking those pics for me...I know he had tried his best!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Back to 80s...Sparkling Party

When I found this dress last year, I fell in love in it immediately, and would like to wear it at the end of my wedding party last November. Tho it's quite unusual in Hong Kong's wedding culture, somehow, brides like wearing gowns in the wedding. What I thought is, it's not a rule, I can wear dress instead XD

Therefore, I bought it! I like its combination of intricate silver, pink and pearl sequined details with sexy back cutout. Oh so vintage and sparkling. So And I always think that ladies with these dresses in 80s must be stunning when attending Parties.

However, finally, due to lack of time, I didn't wear it in my wedding. What a pity! It's now on sale in my store. Isn't it a nice dress?!
Happy Easter!