Sunday, April 17, 2011

Double Colour Pairing

Last weekend, my hubby and I went to Stanley, it's a famous tourist spot in Hong Kong. There is a nice beach for sun and sea breezes. And besides, there is a shopping market as well. A very great place.

I paired this underwear with double colour straps (Pink + light green) from CK with the same colours Sandals from Pedder Red...I bought one pair of each colours 3 yrs ago in the shop sales, but then since the right foot of the green one was broken. I kept the left one just for matching with the pink one in later days. I think that really works :)

Double colour Pairing - Bra straps + Sandals

I love this thirfted Marc Ecko straw hat soooooo much. Honestly, I wrongly washed it by water and its original wrapper / strap has been now trying to wash it back to the original colour!!! So I just use my fav lace to tie it this day!! Not bad, huh?!

Again, loves this pair of shades from Karen Walker 
Really good day! With my love, Wicky!

Top - Zara old top
Shorts- vintage
Sunnies- Karen Walker
Straw hat - thirfted from Marc Ecko
Sandals - Pedder Red

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Happy Monday :p


Anula said...

Cool outfit!! Shoes are amazing,

brittany leigh said...

love the hat & shoes :)

Maddalena said...


Cam said...

great shorts and hat ;);)

Michaela said...

Great outfit!! I like your hat :-)

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xoxo Michaela

thechyrelgomez said...

you look coachella ready! :)

GretchTM said...

You look really cute. I love your sandals! So colorful!

Stacy said...

love it, so perfect

freesia said...

Wow your sandals are absolutely amazaing!!!!!

AnnaMoon said...

Hi! You have an interesting and beautiful blog:)
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Rochelle said...

haha cutest flats ever!

valery said...

you are so beautiful!

Amber Blue Bird said...

loving your sandals

Cee said...

Lovely casual outfit- your hat is fabulous :) Love from your newest follower!

Emily said...

loving the two sandals :) great colors! xo

Mrs Vintage said...

Thx all:)

NICO said...

JUST LOVE this outfit!!

Are we following each other?? I would like to have more blogger friends! i always follow back!