Monday, May 30, 2011

Fresh Breath

Can't imagine, when you stay long in city, how wonderful is having such a fresh breath in countryside!!!
In the past Sunday, I went to visit my grandpa who lives in rural area for ages. The sunshine, the greenery and the fresh air...made me so relaxed!

Took pic outside Grandpa's main entrance. I wore vintage cheetah top (wears so often these days...), old Levis denim skirt, vintage longchamp bag, vintage suede belt and leather flats

Love this wall! Was built by my grandpa...the fading white paints add a kind of tatse!

Walk, walk and walk...seems the path never ends!

One of my fav bag from Beijing flea market long times ago!


Friday, May 27, 2011

Do u like Honey?!

When you tidied your space, and discovered something you have been forgotten for ages, will you feel sorry?! I found this Honey Leather Shoulder bag from Lane Crawford 8 yrs ago...and can't believe I put in in the wardrode for another few yrs! Love its honey pebble leather with all details!!! When I purchased in LC Sales, there was also a brown one. But I chose this as I seldom have such colour things! The leather is really durable, btw, I asked a leather professional to add 2 buttons on the shoulder strap in order to make it alternatively shorter :)

Love this vintage top.

Paired with these same colour leather flats, so comfy walk!!

Photos by my lovely mom XD

Nice weekend!


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Glittering Afternoon!

I had a job interview this week! Wish me luck. If I can join them, my career path will be shinning XD
I'm a bit exaggerated huh?! Just to review my mood at the moment! I wore this stunning sequin embroidered blouse, what a glittering afternoon!

Pair with my fav dark grey pencil skirt from Marks and Spencer, little vintage leather watch.
 This blouse is now in store.

Vintage Ferragamo flats...just arived from US. Super love!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Double Happiness!

May 21 was such a great day! It's one of my best friend Michelle's wedding day! She is a heritage lover...who studies cultural heritage at the moment. And last month, I had sold my lovable bridal pillbox hat to her (as I hadn't worn it during my wedding last year). Related post can be referred to here

So excited! I can meet the hat again, and see how Michelle lovely carries it XD

Since the wedding ceremony was being held in a little chapel at 3pm, later on, a banquet followed in a Chinese restaurant. A break in between, I prepared 2 outfits to attend!

As the chapel is in HK's famous tourist spot, Lei Yu Mun. There are lots of greenery. I wore this vintage floral skirt, white top, paired with black sandals and white leather clutch. The clutch is selling in STORE.

Love the skirt, it made me a bit feminine XD
The heels were surprisingly know, I cannot wear HIGH heels :(

It's soooooooo much pity that it's raining cats and dogs outside, there we can't take pictires outside, instead we stayed in the chapel! Still enjoy~

My vintage DIOR red leather bracelet

My fav 925 silver pendant. You know this chinese character? It's "Double Happinese". You will always see it in WEDDING XD We have planned our future kid's name will be this character, haha!♥!  
One of my fav pink pearl ring, with few little diamonds beside, it's a gift from my hubby few years ago.

In the evening, we changed another outfit to attend the banquet.

Love these vintage BOW trousers. Such a cute pants XD
Paired with my fav vintage cheetah print top, vintage navy leather clutch and gladiator sandals.
The clutch is selling in STORE.
The bride was so stunning!! She looks so great with this 1960's lace bridal pillbox hat. Love ♥!
Related post about this lovely hat pls refer here.

This is our gift for the couple. Wedding "Red pocket", with $$ inside^^

Such a great pic! You can feel and imagine the double happiness with them, huh?!
Wish you 2 HAPPY FOREVER!!


Saturday, May 21, 2011

Goodbye, Cowboy!

Saying goodbye to this pair of Zara Cowboy boots and a classic white cotton top.
Cowboy boots are comfortable, stylish, and can go with almost anything. And the white top with a lace trim is always a must have item for vintage or girly outfits, and is super for Spring/Summer XD

When seeing Cowboy boots, I always think of one of my fav movie, Brokeback Mountain directed by Ang Lee. Heath & Jake acted so well...their forbidden and secretive relationship at the moment had really no alternatives....
Hey, do you have Cowboy boots?

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Beauty in a beautiful day!

In my last post, I have mentioned about my best friend Loretta acted as my model, and I styled 2 vintage outfits for her. I love handpicked vintages for a modern Gal! I am not a good photographer, and she is not a professional model, however, she performed so well XD!
Here comes the 1st outfit!

Such a pretty face♥!

This vintage grey pleated skirt is a really great find recently. Breezy and good length.
Paired with vintage cropped top, vintage leather belt (will be in store soon) & vintage Fedora hat!
Love the breezes...

This lovely skirt is now in STORE.

Thanks sweetie. You performed so so well XD

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Goodbye! Classic Little Black Dress! Be Classic in Modern place!

All of us heart Audrey's little black dress in "Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961)", her iconic style is super. Her little black dress paired with shining tiara plus pearl necklace. How awesome she is?!

Have to say goodbye to this stunning vintage black dress. Back to modern, the best way to style it is to pair a vintage hat, leather golden chain necklace from Club Monaco, a vintage croco belt and the current in trend's Gladiator Sandals. 

My best friend, Loretta is the new master of the dress. She is too gorgeous, huh?!

She's 5 feets 9 inches tall....should be a model...but she hearts FLYING life XD

Thanks sweetie ^^


She was being my model just now and fit in 2 stunning outfits which I chose for her, so stay tuned for tomorow post XD