Sunday, October 30, 2011


Morning sunrise in Sunday is absolutely amazing! It reminds me to enjoy the holiday before hectic work next day!
This burgundy leather bag from Anne Klein is such a great bag! It can be a shoulder bag or a oversized clutch when taking away the strap! I heart this kind of practical bag, vintage, classic, unique and practical! Now in STORE.

H&M eyelet white shirt, vintage jeans and Anne Klein burgundy leather bag


Saturday, October 29, 2011

Autumn Pink.

I like collecting vintage brooches. As they can be pinned on different places like blazer, skirt, bags and also act as a great decor at home. I met this in one of the vintage shops at Lascow Road few months ago, and finally I could have it on my pink linen blazer! Yay, autumn is here, and I could feel the cool air finally!

Love staying about you?!

H&M Pink Linen Blazer, grey tee and big ring, Ice Fire Khaki pants, vintage purple dancing shoes and brooch

Saturday, October 22, 2011

No. 1

My sis is going to graduate from Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Teaching) @The Hong Kong Baptist University in Hong Kong. I am so proud of her, since she spent 7 yrs to get here from nothing as she originally studied Social Work in U previously. Actually, she is a super talented Child Ed teacher, I swear! Always be "No.1" in my deepest heart!
Congratulations to my dear sis!

We were happy to find some nice places to take family pictures in the whole big campus...I did once miss my old school day!

Vintage blouse/Ferragamo Oxford/necklace & charm, Zara black jeans, Velvetine bag


Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I took these shots last week with my bestie who is also my ex-colleague, Jessica. I waited her under her office, and we found some places to take few pictures. Hong Kong is a concrete jungle, buildings everywhere, and finally we discovered a big tree next to the main road. And it's perfect to add some "Greens" in the photos, huh?!

Korean blouse, Topshop Jeans, Purple dancing flats, H&M necklace/ring, Accessorize twisted bangle, Givenchy bag, vintage necklace x 2 carried as Key charm on bag


Friday, October 14, 2011

Old Shanghai Glamour.

"Shanghai Vintage" Photoshoot
Mm...Mrs Vintage her wedding Nov 2010 XD
Maggie Cheung in the film "In the Mood for Love"
Qipao, also known as Cheongsam is a type of traditional Chinese female dressing. It featurs stand collar, right or both side opening, fitting waist and slip bottom, which can fully set off the beauty of female shape. In 1920s', it had become the traditional dress for Chinese women. Its origin was in Shanghai, that's why so many experienced and prodessional old tailors with excellent craftsmenship in Shanghai nowadays. Last month, Kenji Liu Photography would like to take a shoot for "Shanghai Vintage" theme @HK, the model, Doris is one of my best friends, and she contacts me and I am pleased to lend few vintage dresses and some hair accessories, shoes for them, this red lace Qipao is one of them!! looking for the other one which is "Victorian Vintage"...

Happy Friday!!


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

2 Over 6.

My hubby and I~
This is my hubby's younger sister, who is also my sister :)
Happy for her brilliant career~Big big gal...
Below is a lovely boy...hope to have mine after next year^^
Awh...this year must be a very good year...which many ppl are getting married. Starting from Sept till the end of the year, I have to attend altogether 6 weddings XD All of them are my best friends. So happy for them! Last Sat, my hubby's cousin got married, so I have attended 2 over 6 weddings already!! I am happy with one of my favourite vintage floral dress. It is navy while having lots of pink little roses and green fav pattern^^ Looking forward to the next one, will be 19 Nov, my best fd, Charlotte's wedding!

Vintage floral dress, sparkling tree-shape brooch and grey leather clutch, Zara blazer, Club Monaco necklace, Aerosoles suede heels

Friday, October 7, 2011


Last week, I had a wonderful afternoon reunion with 2 old fds, Doris and Mi. We studied a Marketing course altogether in 2007, and in last Nov till May this year, just 7 months, both of us become a "Mrs" :) So great!! Doris's hubby is a Japanese and so she migrates to Japan too. This adorable Japanese mixed Chinese baby gal is her new born baby, congrats!!

Worked in the new company for 3 weeks already, and I like it tho super busy XD
No brand Denim shirt, Topshop jeans, vintage Joan & David booties, Givenchy bag