Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Haywood Sisters from London ♥


Everything started when The Haywood Sisters from London asking me any Vintage themed forum in Hong Kong, so that they could do a little promotion about their musical show "It takes Three Girls" at the end of Sept there. What a pity that not like London, there is no this kind of fourm. And sure in spreading our vintage love! i don't mind to help promoting their show in our website, facebook and other social platforms :)
The Haywood Sisters is actually a Vintage style singing trio made up of 3 beautiful ladies, Geogi, Kath and Emily. They bring sweet harmonies and flair to any events in London. It's really such a great time for me and my hubby to enjoy the 2 hours of show. Back to 20s - wonderful!! If you wanna know more of them, click here or their facebook page ya :)
Next time when they come to Hong Kong again, I am sure to bring my dad and sis to the show together as they heart singing too ♥♥♥

The 1st, 2nd and last pictures are from thier gallery, i specially heart their 20s Glamourus look :)
I was wearing all things vintage that evening! Vintage navy blazer, vintage dress, vintage Ferragamo Booties, Vintage Caviar Kelly style Chanel Purse, vintage sterling jewellery