Monday, January 30, 2012

Back To Nature.

My 80 years old grandpa live in New Territories and has a little garden at the back of his house. During New Year holiday, we went to visit him. I wore the faux fur coat which is best for going back into nature XD. My grandpa was happy to tour us around his little garden, seeing how the bananas are growing up high the trees, how strong the Aloe Vera are. How great nature is! We should really take care of the environmental problems and to protect it. And I love my little nephews. They are too cute!

Warehouse faux fur coat, old DKNY sweater, Zara red jeans, Sabatina booties, Givenchy bag


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year! This is Year of Dragon! Hope everyone has a healthy life just like a dragon! Red is the luckiest colour in the holiday, therefore, everyone wears RED on the street, and they will go to everyone's home to hav blessings with gift packs. And who had married will give red pockets to those who are not married. These are the chinese cultures XD

Went to my Grand aunt (My grandma's sister) home, the old dragon teapot was in fact a wedding gift for her from her cousin 60 yrs it had been using for 60 yrs...unbelievable and it's really an antique. Love!

Hope everyone stays healthy and wealthy^^

Old Joie sweater, Marks & Spencer grey skirt, Shocking pink wool scarf from Shanghai, Shocking pink silk sock from China, vintage Salvatore Ferragamo booties

Friday, January 20, 2012

Long Skirt in LOVE.

I met this old DKNY floral silk pleated skirt in one of the small old store near my office few days ago...and I was in love with it, and so after a bargaining on price. I brought it back home XD It's made of silk and honestly, it's so soft and I can feel it is in great material. I seldom wear long skirt...but this is one of the best! And I heart this Vincci charm bracelet my mom bought me in Dubai last month, it pairs with my vintage inspired bracelet fr Accessorize are just a perfect everyday I wear them together and do not take them off!

Okay, Chinese New Year holiday starts! And my birthday is coming too. Love my beloved colleagues today brought me a birthday cake =P And I wish every all of us have a Happy New Year of the Dragon!!

DKNY old long skirt, H&M blazer, Giodano sweater, Sabatina booties, old Chanel bag

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Simple Walk.

3rd day in Kyoto, my hubby and I went to a far away place calls "嵐山"for sigthseeing! There is a bridge where many couples goes there for a date or break up there, quite interesting! And just a simple walk is so relaxing! However, it's freezing cold...I thought I really need to wear more clothes next time XD

Old leather biker bought 10 yrs ago, Zara red jeans, Shocking pink wool scarf from Shanghai, New in winter fur boots bought in this trip and vintage strip sweater / leather gloves, Missoni Horoscope shopping bag

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Old Temples & Peaceful Street.

2nd day in Kyoto, walked thru historical temples, quite street and great food XD

Vintage denim shirtdress, H&M yellow sweater/hat, old Joie wool coat, Sabatina booties


Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year 2012!

After 3 years, I went again to Osaka/Kyoto of Japan to spend a week holiday with my hubby, and pre-celebrating the new year of 2012! We both love Japan a lots as people there are really nice, gentle and polite~ The food are fantastic as we love sashimi and ramen XD My favourite is the GREEN TEA ice cream!! The accomodation we stayed was Fujiya Ryokan, I highly recommeneded it to every all of you and this indeed was my 2nd time to stay. Nice and clean location but at valuable price. And there is a cute grey kitty, Lily who will patrol every night in between of the rooms XD!

1st day outfit: Old Morgan Jacket, H&M sweater, Zara Jeans, CA4LA hat, Karen Walker sunnies, vintage leather gloves, Sabatina booties, Missoni Horoscope shopping bag