Friday, November 29, 2013

TV Show : All Things Girl (Behind The Scenes)

In early Oct, I was pleased to be invited by TVB's show : All Things Girl. Talking about my love on vintage goodies (Part 1) and details of vintage wedding gowns (Part 2). It's full of fun in 2 hrs shooting plus an hour preparation before the shoot! Thanks my dad to be my driver and my sister be my lovely PA, as I had to take a luggage with lots of vintage Chanels (my own collection) and 5pcs of gowns. Anyway, love it! I had prepared few little vintage gifts for the pretty hosts and guests, wish they love them :-)
The show aired on 7 Nov 2013, and these 2 months, we could watch it online here.
Everything's on set :-)
Part 2 is all about Vintage wedding gowns
Model in 1970s Lace Maxi Dress
Model in 1980s Capelet gown
Tried to change style by different headpiece
MrsVintage Gifts for Pretty Hosts and Guests!
Taking shots with pretty models
I was weaing my fav vintage floral dress, vintage blazer, handmade heels, vintage Chanel chain watch & jewellery.


Friday, November 8, 2013

Vintage Blouse is Girls' Best Friend

Sunday times,  I love bringing 1-2 vintage Chanels in store and go out to take some shoots. Last Sunday, I digged out the vintage olive blouse in my wardrode. paired up with the old high waisted denim jeans, and new in Tory Burch leather flats. A bit feminine and classy that day :)
The olive green is too perfect for autumn, I found a vintage ring in store which is in similar colour, so I borrowed it to match the blouse, don't they look good together?
And Love the flats which are really comfy! My bestie Jessica already recommends them to me.
Vintage Ring in store
Vintage Chanels in store


Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Haywood Sisters from London ♥


Everything started when The Haywood Sisters from London asking me any Vintage themed forum in Hong Kong, so that they could do a little promotion about their musical show "It takes Three Girls" at the end of Sept there. What a pity that not like London, there is no this kind of fourm. And sure in spreading our vintage love! i don't mind to help promoting their show in our website, facebook and other social platforms :)
The Haywood Sisters is actually a Vintage style singing trio made up of 3 beautiful ladies, Geogi, Kath and Emily. They bring sweet harmonies and flair to any events in London. It's really such a great time for me and my hubby to enjoy the 2 hours of show. Back to 20s - wonderful!! If you wanna know more of them, click here or their facebook page ya :)
Next time when they come to Hong Kong again, I am sure to bring my dad and sis to the show together as they heart singing too ♥♥♥

The 1st, 2nd and last pictures are from thier gallery, i specially heart their 20s Glamourus look :)
I was wearing all things vintage that evening! Vintage navy blazer, vintage dress, vintage Ferragamo Booties, Vintage Caviar Kelly style Chanel Purse, vintage sterling jewellery


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

CHANEL French Gal!

It's been long that I haven't updated the blog, due to hectic schedule of our new Studio set up in June, and I have been to London and Paris for 10 days in May, and sometimes I was thinking to give up here instead to start the blog in YAHOO for easier words searching for my biz...however just got a news hat Yahoo Blog will be closed in Dec...opps! So I will be keeping my blog here! :)
I have been selling few authentic vintage Chanel purses in my store, that day, my hubby and I took 2 of them out to take a styled shoot, Chanel, all I could imagine was a FRENCH gal! So I wore a vintage floral dress, Men Straw Hat from Jusco, vintage sterling jewellery and flats to pair :) Hope you love it <3 div="">
Selling in store:


Friday, April 5, 2013

I Want Sunny Day...

What's wrong to the weather these past few weeks? All day raining, and this totally ruined our holidays and mood :( That day, just stopped raining for few hours, and my hubby took these shots for me, I wore my navy vintage skirt, just love the floral pattens and silky material, so comfy!! Pairing with my thifted leather boots, vintage stripped tee, old denim jacket and leather bag. My fav outfits in Spring and Summer lol!!
Thifted leather boots, vintage stripped tee, old denim jacket and leather bag from Mango, vintage sterling bangle and rings