Friday, August 26, 2011

Fantastic Day.

These days are really HOT! I can't wear trousers anymore!
Had a happy lunch with my beloved ex-colleagues and Great tea with lovely bestie, Emma.
Felt so good XD
Vintage cheetah top, Billabong Black washed denim skirt, Karen Walker Sunnies, Old converse, Mango White Leather bag, vintage red snakeskin belt and Breil's vintage tiny leather watch

Thanks Emma for taking fantastic pics for me! Love those backlight photos! They are amazing!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Missoni Craze.

Have to say bye to this vintage Missoni top, its vibrant colour and the crazy patterns made me die for!
I adore this Italian fashion brand sooooo much as their signature designs always involve retro zigzags and crazy knit's timeless for every outfits! U heart?!
The one sold in my STORE

Sexy Kate in Missoni...
Nice photo by (enews tonight)

Other stunning choices...
Space Dye Wide Leg Pants here
Pocket Halter Dress here


Friday, August 19, 2011

New In : KW Super Duper Strength

I've mentioned last week that shopbop mistakenly shipped a Ray-ban ordered by someone else to me, in fact I ordered a Karen Walker's last pair of Harvest...I want to find a round one recently. No one returned so finally, shopbop compensated me US30 cash coupon and 20% off for next order! So sad :( I heart Karen Walker's sunnies so much. Really nice quality, and chic style! When I did some more research, I found this pair Super Duper Strength in Need Supply, with description, "plastic oversized round P3 shaped frames. Vintage inspired circa late 70's early 80's..." I heart!
It arrived 2 days ago, and I'm just loving it!
Btw, I heart this crochet knit top too. Bought a black one too when I saw another shop selling them at a cheaper price!

Karen Walker Sunnies, No brand knit top, Zara pink vest underneath, vintage blue skirt, red snakeskin belt & boots

Monday, August 15, 2011

Mom's Treasures.

It's great if we can own the treasures from our lovely mom. Whatever jewelries, bags, clothings and accessories. Just like the timeless Chanel purse, I always adore the story of mom passes her CC purse to her daughter and the next generations. So awesome! I heart this pair of old Ferragamo look-alike flats which in fact are from ELLE. My mom gifted me as she seldom wears nowadays. I feel quite happy of able to own mom's stuffs XD
Btw, it's my grandpa 90th birthday, Happy Birthday! Stay healthy and happy!!
H&M Black Collar top, vintage Anne Klein oversized clutch, red snakeskin skinny belt, black skirt and tiny leather watch, old Elle flats from mom


Friday, August 12, 2011

Grey Tone. Miss my days.

Can't believe summer is going to be end soon...and I know I shall wear more flowy skirts before the arrival of fall! It's the 4th day of my new job, and I think it's ok! Really miss my days of being a full time online store owner^^ Nice weekend everyone!
Vtg cheetah top, grey pleated skirt, Kangol Sunnies and new in tiny leather BREIL watch, Guess studded flats, Velvetine bag from Paris and Accessorize twisted bangle and silver 925 Qilin ring


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Goodbye! Stunning 60s-70s Vintage Wedding Dresses and Hats!

 Recently I have been obsessed with these adorable vintage wedding dresses!
When I prepared my wedding and styled my own vintage bridal look in 2008, I went to Portotbello Market @London, to find  my ideal vintage bridal hat...accessories...and gown...and from the time being, I did hope one day I could help other gals to find their vintage wedding dresses XD

I am so happy thatI did it! My finds did satisfy the gals...and I assist the gals to find their gowns...vice versa,  assisting the gowns to find their new master!

Love the lace and details...and the most treasurable things in the entire History.

More items in STORE.


Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I am going to start a new job soon, hope I can have enough time to continuously update my blog, run my little online store and facebook later on XD Wish me luck!! Well, am reading a book, "3 Centuries of Wedding Dress"...I really want to know more about vintage wedding dresses' I am going to sell more online in future in my hometown XD That's one of my interest indeed!!
Thanks my hubby taking pics for me!

Vintage Bowtie Mustard top in STORE, Club Monaco Linen Skirt, Vintage snakeskin belt from grandma, Velvetine bag and vintage leather boots fr Salvation Army Thifted Store 

Friday, August 5, 2011

Day of Colours.

Colour myself today.
Nice Saturday!
Bright Green Shirt and Belt: Zara | Denim shorts: Vintage Wrangler | Shoes: Vintage Dancing shoes | Clutch: Vintage Corbra Snakeskin in STORE | Twisted Bangle : Accessorize