Monday, August 15, 2011

Mom's Treasures.

It's great if we can own the treasures from our lovely mom. Whatever jewelries, bags, clothings and accessories. Just like the timeless Chanel purse, I always adore the story of mom passes her CC purse to her daughter and the next generations. So awesome! I heart this pair of old Ferragamo look-alike flats which in fact are from ELLE. My mom gifted me as she seldom wears nowadays. I feel quite happy of able to own mom's stuffs XD
Btw, it's my grandpa 90th birthday, Happy Birthday! Stay healthy and happy!!
H&M Black Collar top, vintage Anne Klein oversized clutch, red snakeskin skinny belt, black skirt and tiny leather watch, old Elle flats from mom



Teresa said...

i also use to wear a few pieces from my mom (btw, i love her style)!

you look so cute with this chic outfit.. love the details on your blouse and the pop of color the red belt gave to that b&w look<3


Paulina Mo said...

Cute outfit! I totally agree it's great when a mom passes on the classic fashion pieces.. it made me thing what can I pass on to my daughter one day.. hmmm.


Anonymous said...

Very cute! Love the skirt :)


Amber Blue Bird said...

you look perfectly polished and adorable. Two thumbs up.

Em said...

You look great!

sisilia andreas said...

i like your collar top :)

Miss Donata said...

nothing beats classic pieces! =)

Joanna S. said...

you look very chic !
i love your top :)