Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Greedy Gal!

New in store!
Honestly, if they fit my waist... I would keep them all for myself....XD
Yes, I am a greedy gal...

Adorable floral shorts. Pls click here for details.

I love this dress. Love the length...paired with the vintage hat from A fine day for sailing. I adore her tatse^^
Now in store.

Cutest find. Safari skirt...honestly, I heart Giraffe when I was young XD
Now in store.

Cheetah print Black and White dress.
Now in store.

Light purple polka dots skirt. Length is a bit longer than another one I am selling, Great for taller gals XD
Now in store.  


Giasaysthat said...

so pretty

Krystal said...

that long red skirt is so so pretty..

samantha rae said...

i'm loving the red maxi

Cinderella's Closet said...

I love the burgundy pleated skirt in the 2nd picture. What size is it? Might be too big, but I am loving it. I am greedy too lol.


Cinderella's Closet NYC

brittany leigh said...

those are all very lovely, especially those shorts! those shorts are AMAZING!



Nici said...

The floral shorts are really adorable!

fashionwise said...

cute skirts !

new post up on my blog :

rose petals said...

just found your blog I love it. The floral skirt is so gorgeous :) X

Kristina Lennon said...

The first floral skirt and the one with the giraffe's are really sweet! Great selection :)

fatal fille said...

I love the floral skirt, wish it could fit my waist!
lovely coordinates <3

Silesia Street Look said...

Very nice clothes, I will chose the first skirt :D

Anonymous said...

You have great style!

Meisha.Style said...

loving the purple polka dot! wish i am taller!

Anonymous said...

These skirts are amazing and the giraffe one is adorable.

emma basilone said...

I can't get enough of the giraffe one... I am seeing if I have room in my budget but I am moving soon =(


LOCA said...

Ay ya yi!! I love that Giraffe Skirt!!