Monday, May 30, 2011

Fresh Breath

Can't imagine, when you stay long in city, how wonderful is having such a fresh breath in countryside!!!
In the past Sunday, I went to visit my grandpa who lives in rural area for ages. The sunshine, the greenery and the fresh air...made me so relaxed!

Took pic outside Grandpa's main entrance. I wore vintage cheetah top (wears so often these days...), old Levis denim skirt, vintage longchamp bag, vintage suede belt and leather flats

Love this wall! Was built by my grandpa...the fading white paints add a kind of tatse!

Walk, walk and walk...seems the path never ends!

One of my fav bag from Beijing flea market long times ago!



Sasha said...

You are so right! I just spent my weekend in the countryside, and feel so refreshed!

Amber Blue Bird said...

it is nice to get a break from city life and enjoy some time in the country. Very refreshing. Cute Hat!

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

Fresh air...I get it. At first I thought you were going to write about someone having bad breath. Sorry, I get it :).

Great look - love the bag and hat!

Steffys Pros and Cons said...

yes outdoors is so refreshing! love your hat! thanks for always leaving me such sweet comments :)

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

Lilaanaa said...

nice, great blouse

Cee said...

Love your hat, and that handbag is just beautiful!

Mrs Vintage said...

Thx babes^^

Angel Garcia said...

Awesome bag! I completely agree! Even though I love the feel of big cities, it is so peaceful and relaxing getting away and going to somewhere quiet and serene like the country side..

All the best, Angel

fatal fille said...

aww i wanna visit the small town where i born! cute pictures and bag :)

Lydz xX said...

outdoors are the best. my weekend was rainy but great.
Lydz xX

Kate said...

great pictures, love your bag and so want your hat!!

Ria :) said...

your denim skirt is amazing and i love the pattern on ur shirt, your blog is so lovellyyy, i will be visiting it again very soon :)


Anonymous said...

Great blog and style ;)
Can we follow each other?? We’re already following you!!!
Hope you’ll follow us back!!
Wherever the Sunset is

Britt+Whit said...

its always nice to get away! I love the hat! so cute

love from San Francisco,

captain kimi said...

your top looks great with the skirt. I love your hat. People should really start wearing hats more often.
As I live in the country I know its realxing atmosphere pretty well. You should never forget about it ^^

love, kimi

Francesca said...

Thank you so much for your amazing comment :) I just finished my last assignment for the semester just then but I still have so much studying to do for exams ahh! Just wanted to sneak in a little comment to you though ^_^ x
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Sherry said...

So cute!! Love that bag!


Your looking splendid and SO chic. I'm absolutely loving that hat on you too. xx veronika

PS wore the earrings out last night and I lovey them.

Mrs Vintage said...

Thanks GALS XD