Sunday, February 19, 2012

Jewellery Show.

The Hong Kong International Jewellery Show starts in Hong Kong last Thu. As I am now working in a Jewelllery company, we of coz had a booth there, and also I need to spend lots of time walk and walk around the show, to see how other companies are working now. What with me whole day will be this mini velvet bag from Chloe, to pack all my essentials like entering pass, lip stick, few money, tissue and business cards.
During the show, there is an Antique and Vintage section, so happy to score this vintage red ring from Windsor Jeweler at US50. I believed this is the cheapest deal in the whole store :) As most of them are over US1000 or above. Anyways, all day after the show, said bye to killing heels or flats, a pair of Converse were my best friends.
Zara Blazer and trousers, Chloe Mini Cherry Velvet bag, Vintage red ring, Shocking pink wool scarf from Shanghai


brittany leigh said...

how fun! since i make jewelry i would have loved to go to this show! i am excited for the upcoming gem and bead show in Denver, CO in a week!



Anonymous said...

gorgeous vintage ring!

Nicola McLaughlin said...

Your fashion is amazing, I am now following your blog :)

Hope you can follow mine at xx