Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Comfy Walk ; Relaxed Lunch!

Hong Kong is now in a big heatwave!! So hot! I really hate such a hot weather! And just want to stay indoor. Avoid to feel the heat outside. My best ex-colleagues asked me for lunch yesterday. And I absolutely wanted to join. I love them and I missed the old days worked with them XD Kisses~~

I wore H&M top, Linen skirt frm Club Monaco, vintage clutch and leather flats.

I wore this lace cotton top from H&M, cool breezes ventilated in and out its every hole, really refreshing for myself!

Such a comfy walk!  
Left: Vintage bangle ; Others are from H&M
My fav Japanese Ramen and Curry Pork Rice.
Happiest moment is able to spend an hour to meet your best friends!!



Michelle said...

I love green and I love the design of your skirt!! I want one just like it. :)

ELEUTHERIA1988 said...

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Lilaanaa said...

so great blouse!!!

Teresa said...

yum! love the neutral colors and the detail on your blouse<3


Anonymous said...

Love the outfit! Very cute and comfortable:)


Amber Blue Bird said...

thats a really pretty blouse

Emelia said...

Your top is so cuuute :)

brittany leigh said...

i love this blouse! and your lunch looks lovely :)


Irusja said...

The blouse is great! I love it!


Titine and totoche said...

I really like your shirt, and you're right it looks very fresh for summer!


Suzi said...

nice t-shirt :))