Thursday, July 21, 2011

Goodbye Items this Week!

I was quite happy that I could find a lovely and sweet gal, Miss W to be the new master of this stunning 1970s off white wedding dress, it's so great on her! I really love its lace cape style and neat dress style. What a vintage girly bridal look!! Ms W just needs to alter 1 inches thinner in each of the armpit area. All perfect then! Have a nice wedding!   

For this vintage red floral skirt, I could imagine how's great if it pairs with a cream blouse, wedge sandals and a strawhat...hope Miss R @UK loves it XD



Anonymous said...

I love the lace wedding dress, very pretty!


Chari T said...

I cant stop thinking of how lovely that gown is!!

Along Abbey Road said...

That wedding dress is awesome! Lucky bride to be! You always have the best vintage finds!

Along Abbey Road

Lilaanaa said...

oh cute dress