Monday, July 4, 2011

White Leather Photo Frame

I've mentioned before I'm a leather fan. These few weeks I had been searching for a good quality photo frame for my fav 8F sized wedding picture. And the 1st priority I wish would be a classic leather material. Finally I found this in at reasonable deal. Though the brown one I heart had been sold, this white one was the last one in store. So I immediately picked it XD

Do you think it's great for my picture?!



Anonymous said...

Lovely :)


Despina said...

great photo frame.really it light pink?the photo is very nice too dear :)

valery shen said...

Your photo is so great!!!And the best idea!

Jennifer Rod said...

love it! and this is such a lovely picture of you. perfect fit!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photo frame! You look beautiful!

Monica Kosasih said...

adorable :D